Virtual Classes & Tutorials

Drink with Intention-Enjoy yoga stretches while you sip a delicious beverage! Experiences are slow, perfect for beginners, and incorporate optional drinking of wine, coffee, tea while you yoga.Learn a few fun facts about each delicious beverage while you yoga. Online class is part of a monthly subscription, where you have access to weekly LIVE wine yoga classes, and 2-10 minute tutorials that you can do with coffee, tea, and WINE! :)

Tutorials are great when you only have a moment to stretch, you don't want to go to the gym, and you want to sip on something delish! Fun facts about the beverage and quirky parallels are drawn between the beverage we are sipping and the beginner yoga poses we are trying.

Go at your pace, listen to your body, and enjoy the moment of relaxing with something refreshing.

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Recorded tutorials 2-10 minutes designed for those new to yoga

  • New videos add monthly

  • Sip your beverage while you lightly stretch and breathe

  • Good for those wanting to enjoy a delicious beverage, to relax, and to discover beginner yoga poses

  • Your coffee, wine, or tea enhance the experience of drinking while you yoga

  • Learn fun tips about your beverage and enjoy positive quotes throughout experience

  • Modifications available in poses

  • Step by step guide in poses


Includes everything in Pre -Recorded Tutorials +

  • Weekly beverage yoga classes

  • Experience is a 30 minute LIVE session and includes quirky vibes

  • Pour yourself a delicious glass of something delish, hop on your mat, and let's unwind from the crazy day

  • Includes modifications of poses

  • Step by step "how tos" in poses

  • Lots of Sipping the beverage

  • To join in the fun if you missed us LIVE, Experiences available on demand after session


See the schedule below for Live classes. Don’t worry, if you miss a class it’ll be recorded and saved in your subscription tier.


Consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any individual yoga or exercise program. By watching this video, you acknowledge that you are the legal drinking age in your country and are aware of the effects of alcohol on your body. IF YOU CHOOSE TO ATTEMPT ANY ACTIVITIES SHOWN IN THESE PHOTOS/VIDEOS, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING YOUR OWN LIMITS, AS YOU ARE VOLUNTARILY ASSUMING ALL RISK OF INJURY AND OTHER LOSSES.