Creative Studio

Who needs one fun marketing friend in their life?

Good marketing always needs a little positivity and quirkiness. Small businesses should feel confident in their marketing, and bold in their branding.

Through this online subscription, Emily Rae She will guide you with the right business marketing tools and tips to feel confident in branding, marketing hoopla, and everything creative. This site is for small businesses & entrepreneurs who need a little extra love from one crazy marketing friend.

Emily Rae's experience in website design, community marketing, online branding, and event production will help guide and support patrons.

Enjoy podcasts, virtual workshops, and weekly marketing tips.

Enjoy a monthly podcast about product packaging on unique brands

  • Applicable tips and strategies for your own brand

  • Weekly posts thinking outside the box

  • Tips from one Marketing Yogi

Everything in Branding Breakdowns

  • Monthly workshops exploring hot marketing topics

  • Live Q&A with The Marketing Yogi

  • Examples of how to's and what to do with marketing tools

  • Handouts and Templates for your own strategy

    • Press Release Template

    • Resume Template

    • Cheatsheets on Marketing Tools

    • PowerPoint Template

    • Mileage Tracker Template

    • and more…😀

Everything in Branding Breakdowns + Creative Workshops

  • E-face time with The Marketing Yogi

  • Monthly One hour strategy on YOUR marketing needs

  • Monthly marketing campaign/plan

  • Topics include the following:

    • Branding

    • Help with events & workshops

    • Social media

    • Websites

    • Sponsorships & partnerships

    • Content creation

    • Marketing strategy

    • Business Marketing

    • How To's on Marketing Tools

Looking for an in person workshop?

Join a branding and marketing workshop in San Diego, November 3rd, 1pm-5pm.

Marketing should be fun and filled with good vibes! Enjoy customized help navigating the marketing hoopla we as wellness professionals face today.

Ticket includes a marketing workshop focused on the following marketing topics:

  • Branding and Making YOU stand out

  • Event Management

  • Website Design

  • Social Media Planning Strategy for 2020

  • 🎉Plus, enjoy a little Vegas style mocktail yoga sesh to conclude the marketing party🎉